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Seoulista is an innovative skincare brand that was started up after being inspired by the glass skin popular with many South Korean women.

By infusing potent botanical extracts and oils with hi-tech, high-performance solutions, Seoulista is creating the perfect combination of classic skincare remedies with the latest pioneering beauty treatments. Thanks to this, Seoulista now boasts multiple awards that serve as a demonstration of the brand's cosmetic prowess.

Each product is carefully formulated by dermatologists to target every skin type and concern, from problematic breakout skin, combination skin, and sensitive skin, to dark circles, signs of aging, and dry and flaky areas. The results are professional solutions that can help to combat your skincare frustrations effectively and predictably, meaning 100% satisfaction with 0% shock.

All of Seoulista's products are free from parabens, sulfates, artificial colors, and mineral oils. The sourcing of any ingredients comes from only ethical, reputable manufacturers that don't test on animals - so the products you're buying help the planet as much as they help your body.

As well as facial skin treatments, Seoulista has also developed extensive ranges of hand, feet, and body treatments, from instant pedicure and manicure kits to skin defense and rejuvenation tools.

The name of the brand was inspired by the South Korean term "Seoulista", which is a beauty concept that focuses on creating a glowing complexion naturally rather than the use of makeup to hide a dull, or tired complexion. By fixing the issues that naturally arise with our skin throughout the year, you're ensuring healthy, youthful skin from the inside.

For salon-quality skincare and body care products you can yourself at home to yield fabulous results time and time again, choose Seoulista. Here at LookFantastic, we're proud to stock a brand like Seoulista that promotes beauty arising from health.

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