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You should never underestimate the importance of the brow. Eyebrows shape your face and are often the difference between a polished and unkempt look. As such, you should only use high-quality tweezers to shape and define your brows. Rubis are considered the world's leading tweezer brand and create straight-forward, unpretentious and durable tweezers.

Each and every Rubis tweezer is made and shaped by hand. It is this attention to detail that truly makes Rubis a leader in their industry. Rubis use traditional craftsmanship techniques to make their products and have a strict testing and quality control process. No product ever leaves the Rubis manufacturing facility that does not meet their impeccably high standards.

The steel used to create Rubis tweezers is incredibly durable and long-lasting. This means you can keep your Rubis tweezers in your makeup or travel bag without fear of them bending or altering in shape. Rubis tweezers do not weaken or rust but are acid-proof. This ensures you can sterilize your tweezers when necessary without harming the tweezers or altering their condition. You should sterilize your tweezers regularly, as frequently as you wash your makeup brushes

When it comes to tweezing and shaping brows, precision is key. Poor-quality tweezers can result in you accidentally ripping out multiple eyebrow hairs at once, causing you to have eyebrows that look over-plucked or sparse. With Rubis tweezers, staying on top of unruly eyebrows is easy and you can have complete confidence in their precision and accuracy.

If you want shaped, defined brows effortlessly, browse our selection of Rubis tweezers below. Rubis has a wide selection of tweezers, from slanted to pointed tip, so no matter which style tweezer you prefer, you are sure to find it here.

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