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Founded in 1908, Proraso has been setting trends in the men's shaving and skincare industry for three generations. Proraso revolutionized the shaving industry and was first embraced by Italian barbers. As shaving trends have developed and grown, so has Proraso.

Proraso expertly formulate products and design shaving tools that are suitable for both professional and home-use. They only ever formulate products with natural and trusted ingredients. Proraso has been gradually developing its formulas since 1908 to ensure their product line is constantly refreshed and meets the needs of modern users, whilst staying true to the Proraso brand. The mission of Proraso is simple, to allow individuals to achieve professional-quality shaves, with an impeccable finish both at the barbershop and home.

Without the right products, many men can seriously harm their complexion by shaving their face. Shaving is inflammatory and if men do not prep their skin before shaving, they may find painful ingrown hairs and blisters appear on their skin. Plus, shaving without the right balm can cause men to nick themselves more easily and can cause an itchy shaving rash.

Proraso ensure men avoid all of the above problems by providing them with all the tools they need for an effortless, close shave. For men who have thrown away their razors in favor of a beard, Proraso also produces a number of beard oil and beard care products that help men gain control of their facial hair.

Proraso products have been expertly packaged over the years to ensure they are convenient and durable to travel with. This ensures no matter where you are in the world, you will always have access to an exceptional shave. Check out our selection of Proraso Italian shaving products below.

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