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Tired of unsightly hair bobbles that break easily and leave bumps in your hair and on your wrist? Then it's time to learn more about Popband, the ultimate hairband for girls and women of all ages.

Following its conception in 2013 by Lou Booth, Popband rapidly shot to fame as a cult classic for hair and beauty fanatics around the world. The brand has been covered countless times by well-respected presses and outlets, including the likes of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Marie Claire, Grazia, OK!, and Harper's Bazaar. Obviously not a brand to be trifled with, right?

The Popband range of items is delightfully varied. The iconic Popband products that started it all, the Popband London Hair Ties, are now sold in packs of all colors and patterns; from preppy and pastel pinks to wild animal prints, to bold and fresh fruity tones, Popband truly does offer an unparalleled number of styles.

Choosing Popband hair ties over any other traditional hair tie provides many benefits. For one, they're longer-lasting and easier to find (no more buying a pack of hair ties every week!), and they're also more attractive on your wrist and in your hair. They don't snag or leave dents either, meaning you can simply take them out without worrying about messy hair.

Because of how gentle Popbands are, they're suitable for hair of any length, texture, or style. This lends versatility in how and when you choose to use them - securing a neat bun, messy ponytail, or rocking the latest half-up, half-down trends, you can rely on Popbands to keep your 'do secure.

Beyond Popband hair ties, the brand also offers headbands, shoelaces, Popbrushes, and beauty bags - so you can kit out your hair accessories with just one shop!

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