Nick Chavez Beverly Hills

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With the abundance of hair care brands available on the market, it can be hard finding one that stands out from the crowd. Well, Nick Chavez Beverley Hillsis here to put an end to that search.

Nick Chavez Beverley Hills is committed to bringing out the Every Day Gorgeous™ of every woman and man, through their hair. The brand, created by professional hairstylist and model Nick Chavez, champions passion for excellent hair care and emphasizing the natural beauty that already lies within.

Nick Chavez's reputation as a hairdresser only grew as he advanced through the rings of the Beverley Hills elite, using his impeccable reputation of care and expertise to eventually open up his own salon. The salon quickly garnered attention from celebrities such as Belinda Carlisle, Ivana Trump, Maria Shriver, and George Lopez.

The line of Nick Chavez Beverley Hills products was created from Nick's own frustration at not being able to find products suitable for his prestigious clientele. So he made his own!

The brand's range consists of everything hair-care, from shampoo and conditioner to leave-in treatments and hair styling products. Nick Chavez Beverley Hills products are tailored to deal with a wide range of hair concerns such as dull hair, dry hair, hair loss and thinning, and colored hair.

The products can also be used on many types of textured hair, whether they be naturally straight, wavy, or curly. Nick Chavez created his Beverley Hills line to accentuate the beauty of our natural hair - embrace it, not change it!

Nick Chavez Beverley Hills products also use a selection of natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, acacia collagen, and keratin - all of which help to amplify the health and shine of your hair. You can browse the range here at lookfantastic.

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