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Glo Minerals, now Glo Skin Beauty, might have changed names but they have retained the very same make up mineral system which the company has become renowned for. Subject to availability, in this Glo range you can find a range of award-winning skin care formulas which tick the boxes of skin nourishment and UV protection. With shades available to suit every skin type, you now have the fast track to a fabulous finishing touch for your complexion. Glo looks at makeup from the perspective of skin care, rather than merely cosmetics, and that shines through in their products.

If you have a sensitive skin type, Glo make up products shouldn't make you run a mile! That is because they are designed to repair, protect and nourish a range of skin varieties, providing coverage which truly lasts. So if you have a busy lifestyle, with only rare opportunities to touch up your make up during a normal working day, Glo can be the brand for you. Because its solutions include ultra-fine, triple-milled minerals, it is easy to achieve continuous and even coverage. You'll benefit from easy application and ingredients which contain a powerful blend of antioxidants, including vitamins A, C, E, as well as green tea extract. Benefit from mineral make up which does not enter the pores of your skin, and can help to combat skin conditions such as rosacea and acne.

Glo has won fans for its talcum powder free make up products which are conducive to a silky feel, and better coverage. With a wide color palette to choose from, you can mix and match your shades according to your skin type, outfit, or desired visual effect! And you can be assured that Glo's development processes are cruelty-free and approved by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) organization.

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