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Dead Sea Spa Magik was inspired by the cleansing and therapeutic salt lakes of Hungary. Its founders brought the healing and calming powers of salt water first to Britain and then to the rest of the world! Now it's your turn to enjoy the sense of wellness, serenity, and clarity that only mineral salt water can provide.

Dead Sea Spa Magik was created with one core idea in mind – the principle of True Spa. The practice of True Spa requires lots of contact with the source of all life on Earth: rich mineral water. As your skin gently absorbs the mineral water in every Dead Sea Spa Magik product, those minerals are distributed throughout the body and brain, promoting better physical and mental health.

When you buy from Dead Sea Spa Magik, you receive their Ingredients Promise. This Promise is a commitment to infusing every product with the highest quality plant extracts and essential oils, as well as cleansing muds and nourishing seaweeds. Each ingredient is chosen by hand and ethically sourced to ensure good results and a better world for all.

And when you wash with Dead Sea Spa Magik, you'll feel and see the results of mineral water right away. It cleans the skin without leaving it dry or stripped, and eases the aches, pains, and tension everyday life can cause. It soothes common skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, acne, and premature aging. And lastly, mineral water is nature's great healer, as it tends to soreness, rashes, and irritation. When you emerge from your Dead Sea Spa Magik experience, you'll look and feel clean, inspired, and refreshed, like you just took a dip in the sea.

Don't wait any longer to enjoy the benefits of mineral water. Shop the collection of Dead Sea Spa Magik products now!

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  • Spa Magik Organiks Sleep Therapy 6-Oil Super Serum

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