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What Beauty Product You Are Based on Your Retail Therapy Habits?

At the end of a really long, bad day, have you ever gotten a little impulsive and racked up a high bill on a shopping spree? If this scenario sounds familiar, you’re not alone. There’s a reason the urge to shop to cures those bad day blues is known as ‘retail therapy’.

Why does retail therapy feel so good?

In short, retail therapy gives you a false sense of control. In the chaos of whatever is going wrong at the moment, at least you get to decide what to bring home at the end of your spending excursion. Sounds reasonable, right?

In a recent interview with Refinery29, LCSW and psychotherapist, Amy Morin, said when everything in your life feels out of control you look for something you can control.

When life is chaotic, we might go, ‘what’s something I can do?’

When you find the answer is shopping, Morin said the mental image of you picking something out and bringing it home gives you a boost in your mood. Even if it is temporary.

Of course, there are many upsides to retail therapy, but Morin encouraged to never let that shopping impulse distract from any issues you should be addressing head-on.

If your mood is such that you don’t feel like going out for coffee with your friends, you’re not interested in things you used to enjoy, or you don’t feel like leaving bed in the morning and it lasts more than a few weeks, I’d say it’s time to talk to someone.

A little retail therapy every once in awhile, however, is totally healthy! Which brings us to our next question, based on your retail therapy habits, what beauty product are you? Find out below!



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