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Biggest Skincare Beauty Trends of 2018

Biggest Skincare Beauty Trends of 2018
Team LF
Writer and expert4 years ago
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We weren't kidding when we said that 2018 was the year for skincare. This year's beauty trends surrounding skincare involve everything from at-home treatments to TLC for the rest of your body! Here are some of this year's biggest skincare trends that you're going to love!

At-Home Beauty Treatments

With the amount of innovation and technology that's come out over the last twenty years, is it any surprise this technology is making its way into the beauty industry?

From teeth-whitening kits to LED acne treatment masks, we're finding new ways to bring professional-level treatments to the comfort of your own home—and frequently, at a much more cost-effective price!

Bodycare is the New Skincare

For years it's been raved about how important it is to keep that facial skin firm and supple, but what about the rest of the body? In the year 2018, there is coming a great awakening to proper treatment for ALL skin, not just the face and décolletage.

From body butters and exfoliators to dry brushes and body oils, skincare is going through an industrial revolution—as it were—and we're shifting focus and making our routines more inclusive!

Natural Lashes are the New Falsies

Sounds a bit like an oxymoron, doesn't it? Remember how we were so obsessed with thick, full lashes? That hasn't changed! We're just changing how we get them. Instead of gluing on strips of synthetic fibers that add temporary glam to our lash lines, we're insisting on treating our own lashes with the TLC they've craved this whole time!

This year is all about bringing out our natural beauty. There's no better makeup than a fresh, glowing canvas of healthy skin, and there's no better lash than a thick, fluffy line of our own!

Customized Skincare 

For decades the beauty industry has been preaching the "fountain of youth" to all women like all the same things work for all women, and the truth is—everyone's skin is different!

This year we're jumping on the "Bespoke Beauty" bandwagon. Or in other words, customized skincare. If your skin is oily with large pores, you wouldn't be using the same products as someone with dry and sensitive skin. Same as if your skin concerns were more acne-based versus anti-aging. This year, it's all about what works for you!

We don't think you need to ditch that lipstick, but we do think that you should put more attention on your skin this year. Your lipstick runs out, your skin stays with you your whole life! Treat it right with these beauty trends making the rounds in 2018!

Team LF
Writer and expert
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