How to Get Your Eyebrows on Fleek

After we all recovered from the hype around Adele’s perfectly drawn classic cat-eye, the ever-increasing desire to have flawless brows in our #OOTD photo on our feed slowly crept its way in.

Queen who celebrate her birthday ? #adele

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How eyebrows help frame the face

Now, we’re fawning over Cara Delevingne’s immaculate and certainly #instaworthy eyebrows. Why? Because eyebrows may just be the most essential building block to your makeup look since foundation.

A neatly sculpted and shaped eyebrow helps give the rest of your facial features dimension, and in a way, brings the face together. Here are our tips for getting your eyebrows on fleek.


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How to get eyebrows on fleek

As with everything, it’s all about the way you prep. If you haven’t properly primed the area, no level of expertise is going to make up for it. You have to prep your brows the right way!

Get them in shape

If you don’t shape your eyebrows, it won’t matter how good you are at drawing in the lines if you still have that unibrow fuzz sitting between your eyes.

When shaping your brows, DO NOT OVER PLUCK. Almost as bad as unplucked brows, is the pair that’s obviously been over-tweezed. A couple tips for tweezing them into shape:

Follow the natural shape of your brow: You’ll see that your brow has a natural line it follows. Use this as an outline for your shape.

Arch follows the rule of two-thirds: Take a pencil and place it at the base of your nostril up in front of your pupil. The outside of your pupil is about two-thirds across your eye, this is where the arch of your eyebrow should start. Use this point to help you shape the tail of your brow.

Corner of the eye is the tail: Move the pencil from your pupil to the outer corner of your eye. This where the tail of your brow should end. Do not pluck anything on the inside of this line! Your eyebrow should naturally tip-off at the corner of your eye, NEVER before that.

Fill in the lines

After you’ve shaped them, you need to fill them in. Even if you do have brows as bold and fierce as Cara Delevingne, guess what? She fills them in too! How else do you think she obtains her #onfleek brows?

Do you use a pencil or a pomade? Depends on your preference.

Pencil for the most natural look

If you don’t cringe at the thought of having brows that resemble a stamp, then the brow pencil is the tool for you. Using short, feather-light strokes, work from the inside of the brow to the tip in an upwards motion. Comb through your brows with a spoolie or old, clean mascara wand to get rid of any harsh edges.

Powder for a little more shape

If you want a little more definition, powder is a good way to go. Using a powder that matches the natural shade of your brows and a stiff, angled brush, work in the same short, feather-light strokes. Comb through brows to get rid of any harsh lines.

Pomade for the most precision

If you want there to be absolutely no doubt that your brows are in perfect shape, them pomade is the way to go. The best way to use pomade is to take a synthetic, angled brush and outline the shape of your brow first. Then, using short, upward strokes fill in the brow the rest of the way.

With pomade, there isn’t really any “getting rid of harsh lines.” The look is pretty bold and prominent already.

Shaping your brows isn’t rocket science. Don’t make it that complicated! Master these steps and you’ll be on your way to be the envy of Miss Delevingne’s fierce look.

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