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Get Ghosted: One of 2018’s Spookiest Hair Color Trends

Get Ghosted: One of 2018’s Spookiest Hair Color Trends
Team LF
Writer and expert4 years ago
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If the title of this post already has you concerned, don't be too worried, it's got nothing to do with apparitions or the supernatural. No, this 'ghosted' hair color trend is all about the subtle dyeing trend that is sweeping hair salons across the world.

What is the ghosted hair color trend?

Put simply, ghosting is a blend of iridescent and quartz shades that are hidden throughout the layers of the hair that appear and disappear as the hair moves. Literally, this may be the hair color trend to flash you as you're strolling down Main Street.

This hair trend is really almost a trick-of-the-eye, you're not always quite sure what you're seeing at first glance. Where did this trend start? Just like you might expect, it wasn't anywhere close to home unless home for you is London. According to The Sun, the hair color trend was started by colorist Jason Hogan in a London-based salon, Josh Wood Atelier.

In an interview with Allure, Hogan said that the trend was created to help give dimension to monochromatic hair strands without the classic lowlight, something the colorist mentioned is quite catastrophic for platinum blondes.

This process was originally created out of necessity... Basically, it’s a way to make monochromatic strands no longer bland and boring.

Moving into the first warm season of the year, it seems the perfect time to upgrade your look from the slums of the winter months. If you're not too keen on going completely neon, or any other bright color of choice, getting "ghosted" may just be the baby step you need to nudge your way into the world of colored hair!

Still not convinced to switch-up your hair hue? Take an even smaller, but all the more important step, of caring for your hair!

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Team LF
Writer and expert
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