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The Benefits of Using a Face Roller

The Benefits of Using a Face Roller

A trend rolling into 2018 is the use of face rollers and facial massages in our skincare routines. If you haven’t heard of this, just keep a scrolling eye on your Facebook feed, it’ll pop up soon.

What are the benefits of face rollers?

Face rollers work to increase circulation to the face which in turn helps increase cell turnover. Face rollers also improve the overall muscle tone and texture of the face.

Increased blood flow

Massaging with a face roller helps increase blood circulation to the face and neck area which helps bring more oxygen to the skin cells and ultimately improve skin tone and texture.

Flushes the Body of Toxins

This increased circulation also helps the body’s lymphatic system carry toxins away from the body.

Improved Skin and Muscle Tone

Facial skin vibrates at 6,000 times per minute, this provides ample stimulation to firm and tighten the skin. Ultimately this improves the overall elasticity of the skin. This also helps improve the contour of the facial muscles surrounding the neck, eyes, and forehead.

What are the different kinds of face rollers?

There are many different kinds of rollers from a 24K Gold Bar to a jade roller. Here are some of our favorites catching on to trend.

ReFa O Style Skin Care Face Roller

This face roller mimics the massage motions of an esthetician and works to improve skin density and elasticity.

The gentle pushing and rolling motions of the lotus-cut, platinum-coated device replicate the ‘Point Drainage’ salon technique. Generating a mild, solar-powered microcurrent, the device easily glides across the skin and facial contours enhancing circulation and cell renewal.

ReFa S CARAT Platinum Electronic Roller

Replicating professional grade ‘point kneading,’ this platinum-coated, compact device aims to imitate an esthetician’s hand motions, using precise fingertip pressure. The device features multi-angled 360˚ rollers that have been optimized to fit every contour of the face—especially the lip and eye area—for gentle, precise application.

This waterproof device leaves you with a revitalized complexion that feels firm, tightened and renewed.

Moving into 2018 we really want to emphasize the importance of keeping your skin in the best condition possible, and if there’s anything that can amp of the efficiency of our fave skincare products we’ll take it! Pick up a face roller this year and use it to supercharge your regimen.




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